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We have equipment for various sports, in the large Lodge or on the lawn between the Lodge and Campus House. Indoor bandy, badminton, basketball or boules are some of the options; or football on the lawn. In addition, Borgen's beautiful park is available. Take a walk or jog or visit our gym in Campushuset.

in your milgård


make your own pentathlon

Put together your own Pentathlon or Triathlon using the equipment and games available at your MiLgård.

Maybe with some tips from the host.

the sauna at magasinet

The sauna has room for 20 people and is primarily reserved for the guests at Magasinet.



pool at borgen

Pool-table can be found in the King's Salon at Borgen. Play with your colleagues when there is a moment left for relaxation.

in campushuset and logen

experimentverkstaden i campus

In Campushuset, we have a specially designed experimental workshop. Here are materials and tools to let the creative side work. See suggestions for activities.

experimental workshop in campus


the gym in campushuset

Our gym in Campushuset has about ten implements. The gym gives you free access to whenever the training nerve tricks on. Also nearby is an outdoor gym.


sports in logen

In Logen there is equipment and plenty of space (1000 square meters) for various sports. For example, basketball, floorball and table tennis.

badminton in logen



The nightclub in Campushuset will open especially for your group. There is a bar, lounge and disco in two silos. End of party dinner?

nattklubben i campus


boule and viking chess

With us, there are many places that are perfect for boule or viking chess.


outdoor gym in klippan, 2 km

Fortunately, the municipality has built an outdoor gym near MiLgårdarna. Appreciated by enthusiasts, especially in good weather.


walking and jogging loop

The nature around MiLgårdarna in Klippan offers pleasant walks or jogging. You get the map with three tracks 1.8 km, 2 km and 7 km (electric light track) from the host.

football with real goals

The football goals are in Logen, but during the warm season we recommend to take them out on the lawn. It is a different feeling playing football on grass.


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