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 Our MiLgårdar are designed for conferences in its most broad sense.

Below, we match the size of the group to the choice of a MiLgård.

For recommendations for different types of meetings, click on the headings above.

day conferences


Our MiLgårdar can also open up for day conferences,

especially with short notice. 

Utbildningar och utvecklingsprogram väcker entusiasm på MiLgårdarna



The hosts of MiLgårdarna, meeting advisors, designers and others, have long experience of the requirements of development programs.


This focus was the very reason why MiLgårdarna was created in the first place. Learning and development programs are still a large part of the bookings at MiLgårdarna.

Welcome to book your next learning program with us at MiLgårdarna!


If you are responsible for ensuring that your learning objectives should receive the best possible support from the physical and mental environment of the meeting place, MiLgårdarna is a good choice and offers the best possible framework for development programs.


The generous spaces and many meeting rooms make it possible to work with all forms of progressive pedagogy. And of course, the exclusive right and the hosts' responsiveness, tasteful food and maximum flexibility. 


Many of Scandinavia's leading institutes and innovative consulting companies have MiLgårdarna as the home of their development programs. Like the companies and organizations that run their own education at MiLgårdarna. 

management teams

For management team meetings, confidentiality is of particular importance. And being able to work undisturbed. The houses' exclusive rights guarantee both things.

Ledningsgrupper på MiLgårdarna, Gårdens Stabskonferens

team development

Building your team using different exercises and tasks can be what the entire meeting at a MiLgård is about. Still, it can also be included as one or more elements of a multi-purpose development effort.


Regardless of the extent of this element, it is important that there are installations and equipment, tools and materials for such features. And of course, that there are proper premises and spaces inside and outside.

På MiLgårdarna kommer grupper från hela världen


Arranging an international conference is inspiring but also presents particular challenges. Participants from different cultures have different expectations and it is important to find the right balance between providing these and offering what is typically Scandinavian. Something that long-distance participants can experience as "exotic", in a positive sense. This is an opinion our houses often receive by international guests.

Konkret exempel

International conferences make special demands. This applies, for example, to how meals are created and how cultural differences are taken into account. And that all important information is available in English.

MiLgårdarna has worked with international groups since its beginning, but the number of international conferences has increased in recent years.

Often the landing point is Copenhagen and from there, it takes between one and two hours to our MiLgårdar. We are happy to assist with bus transportation to and from the airport.



A Kick Off can have many purposes: to celebrate success, to set a new direction or to launch a particular venture. To set inspiring extra-ordinary visions and goals is usually an overall objective, as well as strengthening the team.

Kräftskiva som kickoff är perfekt på MiLgårdarna

Characteristic of a Kick Off is that it often contains both serious sections about the organization's operations and more easy going elements. It is important to choose an environment that is generous when it comes to the spaces and rooms that reinforce these different types of components.  


There are many options at MiLgårdarna in Klippan; from booking all of the houses for a group of up to 120 or booking only one or two of them for a group of around 30 to 70. Regardless, there is access to the unique Nightclub in Campushuset that opens especially for you. Also, there is Logen for team sports, team exercises, and for large groups - conference and dinner.


These two houses - Campushuset and Logen - each have an area of ​​over 1,000 square meters. In total, there are 12 conference rooms, 30 group rooms and about ten social gathering spaces at MiLgårdarna in Klippan. As well as 96 bedrooms of which 24 are double rooms.




–  Här finns miljö och människor som stöttar det vi vill åstadkomma på ett helgjutet sätt!

Behovet av en ostörd och professionell mötesmiljö med hemkänsla låg bakom att MiLgårdarna skapades. På MiLgårdarna går tradition och förnyelse hand i hand.

MiLgårdarna är en viktig samarbetspartner för oss.


                              Lena Bergström, Leadership Manager, Inter IKEA Group


–  Nowhere, either in or outside Sweden, have I found the equivalent of MiLgårdarna. Where learning, meeting and the process is in the foreground - and where the fantastic environment, hospitality and atmosphere become a completely frictionless background.

Troed Troedson, CEO and change manager, Paradigmmäklarna AB

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