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with milgårdarna for a sustainable future 


Together with our guests, we take shared responsibility for each other and for our planet.

Many small acts make a big difference. 


In 2003, we were the first in southern Sweden becoming a Nordic Ecolabelled conference venues. We were among the first with Kranmärkt and we offer

Fairtrade certified breakfast.

IACC, the International Association of Conference Centers, has certified MiLgårdarna according to the requirements of the GreenStar Gold Tier.

We have a long tradition in the environmental field and are gearing up with the UN Global Sustainability Goals in 2030 as a benchmark. We are working to achieve all the global goals that are possible for us in our business.


Our hosts offer tasty meals inspired by "Skånskologiskt", 

 eco-friendly and season adapted cuisine.

In combination with vegetarian courses. 


In the early 2000s, we replaced all oil-based heating with geothermal alternatives.

Sealing of windows, door closers and insulation of attics are also measures that have entailed significant energy savings. The next step will be to install solar cells.


The goal of our sustainability efforts is to reduce our environmental impact by managing resources and acting smart, but also

with social commitment

and sponsorships.

Right living conditions

and a healthy lifestyle

inspires us.


We have chosen a mix of national, Nordic and global eco-labeling and certifications, all with a reputation of seriousness.

We have been part of this more or less from the beginning.

global goals for 2030

The UN's global goals are the benchmark for our sustainability efforts.

As can be seen from the picture below, this covers quite a lot more than what was formerly considered to be part of environmental work.


We do our best to work towards all of the goals listed below.

världens ekonomi 

gemenskapen i samhället

planeten vi bor på

                                        TOP OF THE LIST – IN EVERYTHING


–  Thank you so much for everything — what a professional treatment from start to finish. And what fantastic environments and venues you have in Klippan. Very inviting and cosy. What a lovely group you are with service at your fingertips.


–  And we shouldn't talk about the food … or rather, that's the only thing we do. Excellent food. Also, vegetarian options. Super!

–  This is the fourth time we are staying at MiLgårdarna. And the ones I talked to all agree that you are at the top of the list in terms of… everything.

 Marie Henningsson, Administrator, Environmental Workshops, City of Helsingborg

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