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milgårdarna in klippan



Our hosts at MiLgårdarna in Klippan

Joel, Sussie, Mats och Thomas

milgårdarna in klippan

maximum flexibility

MiLgårdarna in Klippan comprise four separate MiLgårdar: Stallet (with 14 bedrooms), Magasinet (22), Borgen (24) and Villan (36). When all houses are combined, the capacity will be 96 people, a total of 120 when the 24 double rooms are in use.


When MiLgårdarna in Klippan are combined for larger groups, the spacious Campushuset will come in handy with its many rooms for conference and socializing. In addition, Logen for team exercises indoors and large areas for sports such as floorball and boules and more.

Maximum flexibility.

The picture shows our hosts in Klippan. They are presented on the page for the respective MiLgård.  

Campushuset i vy från Villan
Campushuset och Logens möjligheter till konferens, tillställningar, fest
Campus konferensrum Bruket, stort och fullt av möjligheter till effektiva resultat

120  persons in the largest conference room at Campushuset

150  persons in Logen

12   conference rooms

30   group rooms (plus 4 in Borgens park)
6     dining rooms, the biggest one for 150 persons
96   bedrooms including 24 double rooms

Klippans four Milgårdar are separated but close to each other. Campushuset and Logen are in the middle as a resource for larger groups.

milgårda karta.png

​MiLgårdarna in Klippan

Bruksallén 4

264 39 Klippan

+46 435-77 97 00


+46 46 - 20 52 20  

TRAIN and BUS - See for

the best itinerary. From Pågatågen it is 1.6 km, from the bus stop Fabriksgatan 700 meters.


PLANE - Nearest airport is Ängelholm/ 

Helsingborg Airport, where you most easily 

continue by taxi. If you land on Copenhagen Airport you can choose to go by train to Klippan, see description above. 

Experimentverkstaden i Campus, teamövning, lekfullt

At MiLgårdarna in Klippan, there are large areas and several unique rooms for different kinds of activities, both indoors and in the surrounding beautiful nature. There are also installations, tools, equipment and materials.

Here we present activities that can form an integral part of the meeting agenda, for example for team development. As well as activities for relaxation and exercise, play and competition, and more.

total privacy

Each MiLgård has its own rooms for conference and work, for meals and accommodation, as well as for informal interaction. Having your personal host will help you and your group to both enjoy and get the job done. Secluded and under the same roof for focused work with a homely feeling.

Total privacy.

maximum variation

The four houses have different characteristics: From Borgens manor style with crystal chandeliers and stucco to Villans bright Scandinavian design. As well as the charm that Magasinet and Stallet exude its sturdy beams, iron fittings and other traces from the origins of the buildings. Maximum variation.



 maximum freedom of choice

At each house, there are several conference rooms to choose from and a large number of group rooms. And also, many social and meeting rooms in Campushuset as well as Logen for sports and other activities. Maximum choice.


Hear Ninna, Pernilla & Mats tell about the concept.


–  We have been to many venues, but it has never run as good as at MiLgårdarna; no queues despite 80 hungry participants. I can't praise all the fantastic meals, the good service - and the quick help when one of our employees became acutely ill. The employee is now back to work and feeling good. 

Agneta Slinge, HR-partner, Trafikverksskolan Ängelholm


–  HP Drilling's 60th anniversary for 120 participants couldn't have been better; it was just the way we wanted it to be. The food is still a conversation and the service from planning to carrying through was outstanding. The venue was also perfect for the purpose. Thanks!

Anette Jernström. Partner. HP Drilling in Klippan AB



–  Having experienced MiLgårdarna in Klippan in full for three years now, I can say that one of your greatest differentials is your combination of professionalism with a home-feeling environment.


–  The hosts are the ground pillar of it. This atmosphere and their attitude makes all the difference and it really represents what MiLGårdarna is all about. It’s fresh, inspiring, energizing and cosy. 


 Marconi Menezes, Automation Global Expert, M. Sc., Tetra Pak Processing Solutions & Equipment



–  Implement enjoys coming to Klippan – with our clients, as well as with our own internal arrangements. The place is a little like home – and very professional – at the same time.

–  The hosts are flexible and easy to work with, that goes for all the houses. We can have small intimate groups as well as large scale groups in Klippan. 


–  Every individual does always leave the place with a feeling of being well treated in all aspects. We came here first time in 2001,

and we keep coming back.

 Bent Kock Nielsen, Partner, Implement Consulting Group


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