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re-cycle & renovation


Constant renewal means, among other things,

that furniture is being renovated and finds

a new place at another MiLgård. Minimal environmental impact!


Many of our furniture from different eras get new fabric from the upholsterer. Other textiles are being re-sewn and reused, a way to reduce new purchases.

When the furniture is renovated, we use environmentally friendly products.

Rönne å

eco-labeled products

We collaborate with an eco-labelled laundry. Bedding textiles, as well as our printed materials,

are also eco-labelled. 


All our paper, our shampoo and soap, our chemical products for dishes and cleaning are other examples of eco-labelled products.



plastic and disposable products

Since years ago, we have chosen to refrain from disposable products.

By demanding our suppliers to use non-plastic packaging materials, we contribute to the reduced use of plastic. More fish and less plastic in our oceans !


social engagement & sponsorship

When we provided new allergy-proof bed covers in our bedrooms, we donated our duvets to charity organizations in Malmö and Klippan.


We sponsor with reflective vests and bicycle helmets to youngsters in Klippan.


The children at the Moyo family home in Bagamoyo, Tanzania, have their schooling sponsored by us.

During the February break, accommodation is sponsored for participants in one of the world's largest wrestling tournaments, the Lady Open in Klippan.

Every four years, we collaborate with the Student Carnival of Lund.

We are one of the main sponsors of the Golfcourse at Romeleåsen.

Hole 9 at the golf course 

MiLgården at Romeleåsen



MiLgårdarna in Klippan are not far away from the train and bus stop. We encourage carpooling and assists in booking a shared bus. We try to coordinate deliveries from our suppliers.

cleaning and waste

Our cleaning methods with the miracle cloth means minimal use of chemical products.

Waste separating is done in a large number of fractions, which results in a minimal amount of unsorted waste.

We work actively to reduce food waste. Food residues are recycled to biogas.

The ecological apple orchard at Borgen

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