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MiLgårdarna was founded as a response to the demand of conference groups wishing the ability to meet without being disturbed by others. Being able to work and develop together in a meeting environment that stimulates interaction, fellowship, and innovation; that is both personal and professional, both pleasant and efficient.

We have generous spaces that stimulate creativity, but also many smaller rooms for group work and undisturbed conversations. The design gives a free and relaxed homely feeling where the group "owns" the chosen house. 

This idea is the same for each MiLgård. Read more  >> Our promise.  

...and different

MiLgårdarna is also different from each other; they have different characteristics. From the mansion-style of Borgen, the rustic charm of Magasinet and Villans light Scandinavian design to the former homestead of a farmer, Gården. The hosts of MiLgårdarna also put their personal touch in their houses. 


The different houses' characteristics, backgrounds, former use and a few curiosities are described below. As well as facts about capacity. 

For pictures and a more detailed description, please press on the respective house where you can find focused information on hosts, meeting rooms,

and design plans. 

milgårdarna in klippan


Manor style with high ceilings, crystal chandeliers and stucco. But also modern meeting rooms. 24 bedrooms, including 4 double rooms. 50 in both the largest conference and the dining room. Formerly the home of the director of the paper mill. It was inaugurated as a MiLgård in 1985 by the university's principal and

two governors.



Modern Scandinavian design in light shades. 36 bedrooms, including 10 double rooms. Many meeting rooms of varying sizes. Former housing for the owner of Klippans Farm and then the Mill's guest house. It was inaugurated as a MiLgård in 1988 after an extensive interior reconstruction.


and logen

MiLgårdarna in Klippan is often combined with a total capacity of 96 bedrooms and 120 beds. In this case, Campushuset and sometimes Logen is also used, both of approximately 1,000 sqm. Campushuset was initially a cowshed, then an exhibition of 40 Rolls Royces. Logen is used for larger meetings, sports and team exercises.



Robust beams that bestows a rustic charm. Open kitchen and large flexible spaces. 22 bedrooms, of which 5 double rooms and space for 60 in the dining and the conference rooms. During a period, residence for a full-time program for young entrepreneurs - Excalibur. Therefore the names of meeting rooms such as Avalon and Camelot. It was inaugurated in 1995.


Rustic with sturdy beams. 14 very spacious bedrooms, including 7 double rooms. Often combined with Magasinet, which is right next door. Formerly a stable for Lippizian stallions. Received prize for careful remodeling in 1988.

milgårdarna near malmö and lund

milgården on romeleåsen

This is where MiLgårdarna was born in 1980. After the recently completed renovation, there are 20 bedrooms, including 4 double rooms, a dining room as well as a conference room for each 30 people. Originally owned by a farmer who sold most of the land to what became the Romeleåsens Golf course. Its beautiful landscape forms a magical scenery surrounding Gården. 






...also the same


When booking a MiLgård you have free access to the following:

*  WiFi with high capacity and speed, both outside and inside.

*  Wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted projectors and sound systems.

*  Mobile projectors for group rooms.

*  Conference office with computer, printer and a fast copying machine.     

*  Large writing surfaces on the walls and mobile writing boards.

*  Flipcharts and easy to attach many written sheets along the walls.

*  Microphones and hearing loop for the largest conference room.

*  Comfortable conference chairs, sturdy tables and good light, natural and artificial. 

*  Fruits, sweets and our own cold tap water, still and sparkling.  

*  And of course all the usual things like writing pads, pencils, etc.


If you want something more, we will arrange it!



–  I enjoy working with groups at MiLgårdarna. These are beautiful environments that stimulate people to meet, be themselves and focus on important matters.


Helena Nilsson, Vice president, MiL Institut

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