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our promise

We promise you this as a client or a booker.

Camelot på Magasinet, ett konferensrum som möter dina behov
A professional and flexible  meeting environment with a homely feeling ...
Stora konferensen på Gården
... for focused work on your own conference venue …
Villans välkomnande entré i Klippan
... without being disturbed by other groups or guests …
En av Romeleåsens vackra vyer över golfbanan, just här hål 9
... in a safe, secure and sustainable environment …
Ett av sovrummen i Grindstugan, Klippan. Sovrummet är handikappsanpassat
Villans vackra mellanrum. Här kan du och din grupp mötas för samtal, grupparbete och umgänge
Sovrum ett på Gården, för vila och återhämtning
Matkonst på MiLgårdarna, Skånskologiska sallader
... which is stylishly decorated and constantly renewed …
... with many rooms for meetings and socializing ...
... and comfortable beds in designed bedrooms ...
... where the tasty food is based on sustainability ...

... and your own hosts

treat you with warmth, ...

MiLgården på Romeleåsen ligger mitt i Romeleåsens vackra Golfbana
MiLgårdarnas värd på Magasinet och Stallet i Klippan, Mats Engholm
MiLgården på Romeleåsens fantastiska terass, här kan du och din grupp äta och umgås, eller varför inte jobba
... flexibility and respect for
the group's work process ...
... and support cooperation and efficient results ...
... for the group to quickly reach its goals without stress.  

a conclusion

*  Conference with a homely feeling - without being disturbed by other guests.

*  Inspirational and creative meeting environment - surrounded by beautiful nature.

*  Plenty of meeting rooms of different sizes and characters - you choose.

*  For focused work with flexibility - it's up to you.

*  Comfortable beds and individual design - constantly developed.

*  Svanen, IACC Gold Tier, Fairtrade, Kranmärkt - and Skånskologiskt.

*  Tasty meals - and personalized welcoming.

*  Calmness - with exclusive rights.

Choose from several houses with different character and size; from 14 to 36 bedrooms.

Or combine the four houses in Klippan for up to 120 people.

the overall experience ... 

It is primarily about the overall experience, the feeling the guests get when they come to us. How environment and responsiveness help you unwind and distance yourself from a stressful everyday life; you will start quickly and reach the results that were the purposes of the meeting.


... and the homely feeling


That you experience a calm and pleasant homely feeling, creating a spirit of openness and trust that contributes to the success of the meeting. That everyone opens up, shares their own opinions and takes part of each others.


The response that the host and team represent the motto

"Everything is possible". A team where everyone supports one another.

A feeling that is reinforced during meals. Here we are in order to achieve a result under relaxed and pleasant conditions. 

focused meetings ...

Our promise to you as a client and booker of meetings is that you should receive the best possible support for the purposes of the meeting.

Through the physical and mental environment offered by MiLgårdarna, we want to give your meeting a framework that feels inspiring and creative, which is both professional and personal.


All rooms for meetings as well as socializing and meals are designed and furnished to create an experience of both professionalism and a homely feeling. Not only the most functional and technically advanced meeting place. Not just the homely cosiness. Both-and in a pleasant association. 

 ... a lifestyle


An important element of the concept of MiLgårdarna is the total focus on meetings. We have experience-based knowledge of the needs, requirements and wishes that characterize a professional conference.

We are passionate about the concept and do not see working at

MiLgårdarna as a regular job; It's a lifestyle.

many excellent

meeting rooms


This total focus on meetings is evident in the physical design.

Each MiLgård has plenty of meeting rooms, at least one for every third bedroom. This is important for

the meeting leader who wants

to divide a larger group into many small groups.


When we say that we offer maximum flexibility, we mean freedom of choice  - for example, that the meeting leader should be able to choose rooms that fit the design of the meeting.

Even more important than the number of meeting rooms is that they are comfortable and maintain a high professional standard.

     eat well and sleep deeply


Everything at MiLgårdarna aims to create the best possible conditions for a successful meeting. Then there is also a requirement to eat well and sleep deeply.


As part of our ambition to create a sense of home, our bedrooms were from the beginning individually furnished. Moreover, most bathrooms are individually designed.

the tasteful food

An important part is the meals, how they are served and at what time.

Obviously, for us, meals and snacks are subordinate to the meeting

and its process.


This means, for example, that the lunches are "light", so that the afternoon sessions can also be productive sessions.

This means that we present an inviting buffet so that everyone can choose their favorites. This means that the meals do not steal valuable meeting time; it means that the times for the different meals are adapted to the group's working rhythm.

constant progress

The concept of MiLgårdarna is based on two starting points.


Already from the beginning, it was those who would benefit from and enjoy the meeting environment that made their mark on the design. And they continue to inspire us.


The second point of departure is that the hosts and their co-workers are committed to continually developing the business. We believe in the idea and are passionate

about developing it.

ps variton milg bild (kopia).png




–  Here are the environment and people who support what we want to achieve in a vibrant way! Our need for an undisturbed and professional meeting environment with a sense of home was behind the creation of MiLgårdarna. At MiLgårdarna, tradition and renewal go hand in hand. MiLgårdarna is an important partner for us.


                           Lena Bergström, Leadership Manager, Inter IKEA Group

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