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around 20 people

all for yourselves...

By choosing a MiLgård that reasonably well matches the size of your group, you are guaranteed exclusive rights: The house with everything it contains is entirely yours.


If your group includes from 10 to just over 20 people, we recommend

any of the four houses below.


MiLgården Stallet in Klippan

Up to 14/21 people

(opens in a new window)

AW4I5935 (kopia).png

MiLgården Borgen in Klippan

Up to 24/28 people

(opens in a new window)


MiLgården at Romeleåsen

Up to 20/24 people

(opens in a new window)


MiLgården Magasinet in Klippan

Up to 22/27 people

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undisturbed in a secluded part of your house

If the four houses above are already booked and there is space available at Villan, we can also open Villan for a smaller group. Through its design and its extremely generous spaces, two groups can work separately and without disturbing each other here. The first booked group is always talked to before another small group is booked.


MiLgården Villan in Klippan

Up to 36/46 people

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