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team development

The cobweb

Building your team with the help of different exercises and assignments is sometimes what the whole meeting is all about. It is just as common for such exercises to be a part of meetings with other purposes as well.


Regardless, it is important that there are adequate installations and equipment, tools and materials. 

And of course that there are appropriate spaces inside and outside.


All MiLgårdar have equipment for team development. At MiLgårdarna in Klippan, personal guidance is available, while there is a written guide in all the houses.

A popular activity is "Cooking with the host", an element that can be made more or less as a professional team building. In any case, the group members get to know each other better, have fun together and achieve a concrete result. 

Group painting in the experimental workshop

At MiLgårdarna in Klippan, there is a particular room named "Experimental Workshop". Here you will find tools and materials to shape your project, your company's vision, or anything else that can be visualized in concrete materials and then collectively reflected upon.


Meetings purely focused on team development are often led by consultants who sometimes bring their own mobile equipment. We work with a large number of consultants and are happy to provide suggestions. We at MiLgårdarna provide suitable rooms for the exercises, outdoors and indoors, but can also help in other ways. 

MiLgårdarna has a long tradition in the field of team development, and we are happy to create new installations when our guest groups have a wish for it.

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