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At Gården there are several activities both indoors and outdoors and in collaboration with Romeleåsen's golf club. Among other things, Footgolf and Discgolf. Take a walk or run in Romeleåsen's beautiful nature. Or book our hot tub on the terrace.




Put together your own pentathlon using the equipment and games available at Gården. And maybe some tips from the host.

pool, football or hockey

At Gården there is a game table with three different games that are rolled out by choice: Pool, Football and Hockey. The gaming table is mobile; Available in a corner of the Club.


In the sideboard by the green sofa, there are a number of old LPs. Just to relax, or make some fun contests.


The dart board invites you to mini-relax. Can also be part of a self-composed pentathlon.

bubble bath

Relax in our eight-person hot tub on the terrace. There is also a cozy relaxation group and a shower here.

Bring swimwear.




boule & viking chess 

A number of boxes of boule balls are available, as well as Viking chess.

trails for walking and jogging

The beautiful nature around Gården offers pleasant walks or jogging. Headlamps are available for the darker season. Poles for Nordic walking.

sledding in the winter

The golf course has many nice slopes for sledding. When the snow has fallen and the course is closed. The host can arrange hot chocolate and marshmallows.

at romeleåsens golf club

play golf

At Gården there are four golf bags to borrow. Feel free to book a round with a special price



romele disc golf arena

On the club grounds there are four courses for disc golf. From beginner loops to adventure courses.




Romeleåsen's golf club has built a lovely foot golf course. Contact the club for booking.



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