"Conferences" is a very broad concept. Regardless of the focus and purpose, MiLgårdarna are designed for conferences in its broadest sense. From the big conference with 120 participants to the small one with maybe only 10 participants.


MiLgårdarna are designed, furnished and equipped for efficient meetings. With large spaces,

excellent light and air, comfortable chairs with wheels and swings, steady tables, the right technical equipment and big whiteboards.


The fact that there are many meeting rooms of different sizes and characters is also an advantage, as is everything designed to inspire interaction and collaboration, togetherness and results.


Having healthy and sustainable meals at times that you decide, that the whole environment gives a comfortable homely feeling and getting a night of pleasant sleep in comfortable beds is also essential. The group "own" their MiLgård with exclusive rights and is therefore not disturbed by other groups or private guests.

The meeting rooms will be prepared the way you want them. At MiLgårdarna, the meeting rooms are many and spacious. It is you who decides. Maximum flexibility. 




ring utan bord.png

Circle without tables

Management board



School seating

Theatre seating

In order to easily switch between different types of seatings, we have designed the trapezoid table. This table can be used in all the seatings above and the Island seating becomes more similar to a round table.