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   conference venues in skåne 

with long experience & great passion, we present 

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- Home of Action, Reflection and Learning - 

We promise you an inspiring, sustainable and efficient environment. The house becomes yours with exclusive rights 

– for focused work, with a homely feeling and your own hosts.

Physical and mental environments that support your meeting.


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your meeting

Educational programs, 

kickoffs, team 

development, or a management meeting

- your meeting is unique! We advise on how your goals match the many 

possibilities at MiLgårdarna. 

our promise

We promise you a calm, comfortable, and sustainable environment

with exclusive rights and

a homely feeling.

Our house's design and the hosts' hospitality support pleasant togetherness and efficient results. 

the price

When you have chosen a house that goes with your style, size, and group, the house is yours! The full board price is the same whichever house you choose.