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rates at milgårdarna 2021-22

Maybe you belong to a company that has been with us at MiLgårdarna for a long time.

Then your rate is lower than the regular rate quoted below.

Alternatively, you want to try us for the first time.

Contact Lennart or Pernilla for information about your rate. 

full board 

2 640 SEK  (1 976 in double bedrooms)


Energy and inspiration - always feeling at home

With us, you stay in tastefully furnished bedrooms with comfortable beds. Our hosts serve delicious and tasty meals with lots of green on a beautiful buffet table at lunch

and a 2-course dinner. The food is prepared from the best ingredients, often organic and locally produced. Meal drinks and coffee are included. Afternoon fika with coffee and tea, freshly baked goods and healthy alternatives according to your wishes. The morning breakfast buffet provides energy. 

Meals and coffee are served at the times you desire and freshly brewed coffee, tea, fruit and water, even carbonated, are always available. If you want a 3-course dinner, SEK 100 will be added. For further supplements, see Food & Beverage.

The following day - 460 SEK


Follow up with a second day

Energetic morning coffee break, delicious lunch buffet with plenty of greens. Meal drinks and afternoon coffee with freshly baked goods or our special healthy snack. 

venue rent

from 6 000 to 14 000 SEK


You rent the entire conference venue

– much more than a conference room


At MiLgårdarna, you do not only rent single rooms. The whole house is yours. With all its many comfortable and well-equipped conference and group rooms of different sizes and characters. You choose the meeting rooms according to your specific needs. You confer and socialize in peace and quiet without being disturbed by other groups.

The hosts welcome you warmly and have full focus on your group. The smell of freshly baked food spreads through the house; newly brewed coffee is always there for you, and you eat in your own dining room at times that suit you.


You also have beautiful socializing rooms for yourselves.

At MiLgårdarna you are offered a creative environment where you feel at home – in beautiful and tranquil surroundings.

Venue rent includes:


Well-equipped meeting rooms, cosy lounges, own dining room and own conference office. Wireless network outside and inside. Conference Water. Free use of all equipment and consumables, including equipment for team activities. Examples of technical equipment are projectors, copiers, computers with printers, telephones and video cameras. Free access to unique rooms, installations and equipment for different kinds of activities are also included. Above all: You manage the house for yourself and are not disturbed by other groups or private guests.


                              NOTHING BEATS THIS, WORLDWIDE


– We run our Thule Academy modules at MiLgårdarna because of your excellent concept. It provides an enjoyable and safe environment that heightens our energy level. You cannot be in a better environment. I have been to countless conference venues around the world for 25 years, and this is absolutely the best! Nothing beats this.


Kajsa von Geijer, Human Resources, Thule AB

                                              TRÄFFSÄKER NÄRVARO


–  Personligt, ostört, flexibelt och med fokus på gästernas behov, det är vad MiLgårdarna står för.  Det underlättar för oss att hålla fokus på rätt saker och skapa den närhet som gör det möjligt att utforska nya föreställningar i våra executive program. Träffsäker närvaro, helt enkelt.


                     Stein Kleppestø, styrelseordförande EFL och partner i Blueberry Hill

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