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management group

When you want to gather the management team for an efficient meeting at a conference venue, the following aspects are particularly important:

  •  Being able to work undisturbed (the exclusive right).

  •  Being able to leave notebooks and other materials overnight without someone  unauthorized getting access to it (the privacy).

  •  The host offers snacks and meals when it suits the group (the flexibility).

  •  That the meeting room has sturdy tables for documents and the coffee cup as well as  comfortable conference chairs with wheels and swing function (the comfort).

  •  That the technique works properly (the technology).

In addition, all other aspects that make a meeting room both efficient and pleasant. Dimensions which inspire interaction, togetherness and mutual understanding.  

Flygel 5.jpg

The houses particularly well suited for management group meetings with exclusive rights are MiLgården at Romeleåsen (20 bedrooms) and Stallet at MiLgårdarna in Klippan (14 bedrooms).

The minimum number of participants at Romeleåsen is 12 and at Stallet 10.

There are some additional possibilities; consult with our meeting advisors.

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