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food & beverage


During your stay with us, the host or host couple will ensure that you find a bedroom of your taste, meals and snacks when you wish, and that will solve all kinds of needs that may arise during the meeting. You and your group are in safe hands.


The host contacts the person who did the booking or another appointed meeting leader about a week before the meeting to find out special requests, not least regarding food & beverage. This may include allergies and special requests, such as vegetarian food. But also if, for example, a wine package or something else is desired, see below for prices.

Prices are quoted excluding VAT.


2 Fika

1 Two-course dinner
1 Breakfast

1 170 SEK 

4 Fika
1 Two-course dinner
1 Breakfast

1 715 SEK


Third-course dinner                               

Add a third course to your two-course menu



Regular grill buffet      


Two kinds of main courses and accessories



Extended grill buffet                                  

Three kinds of main courses with many accessories                                                                       



Theme/Celebration dinner                                

Three-course dinner with special courses,                                       

decorations and trimmings, for example

–  Celebration dinner as the ending of the Program 

–  Kickoff-dinner with a theme

–  Crayfish party or goose dinner

                                        +130 SEK


+150 SEK



  +250 SEK



  +350 SEK


activities during dinner


wine package

Cooking with the host                                

Three-course dinner



Dessert duel   


As a part of the three-course dinner




Of wine, whisky, gin or e.g. chocolate together with an expert

                                        +400 SEK


+200 SEK



  Contact us

Two-course wine package                               

Two glasses of wine to the main course



Two-course wine package plus     


Two glasses of wine to the main course and a glass of

wine to the starter or dessert 


Three-course wine package                                 

A glass of wine for every course

Of course, you can exchange wine for beer or other beverages


A bottle of wine according to                     + 350 SEK

the host´s choice   

Exclusive wine according to             Contact the host

the guest's choice       

                                        +190 SEK

+285 SEK

  +330 SEK

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