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When a moment of playful relaxation from the meeting's regular agenda is needed, there are a number of activities for just that. At the same time, it provides new energy and increased unity.

In addition to having fun together.




Put together your own pentathlon using the equipment and games available at Gården. And maybe some tips from the host.

pool, football or hockey

At Gården there is a game table with three different games that are rolled out by choice: Pool, Football and Hockey. The gaming table is mobile; Available in a corner of the Club.


The dart board invites you to mini-relax. Can also be part of a self-composed pentathlon.


In the sideboard by the green sofa, there are a number of old LPs. Just to relax, or make some fun contests.

make your own music

Maybe someone in the group wants to play and sing? At Gården there is a piano and a guitar.


In the sideboard by the green sofa, there are community games and in

the Club a grand "Fia" game.

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