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activities in klippan

At MiLgårdarna in Klippan there are installations, equipment and materials for a large number of activities. Large spaces in both Logen and Campushuset are available regardless of which MiLgård has been booked. Plenty is free of charge. About 30 activities are presented here.

at our houses

In Klippan, there are rooms and installations for activities of various kinds. Billiards at Borgen, experimental workshop in Campushuset and various sports in Logen. Also several outdoor activities.

develop your team

We have many team exercises that, with reflection, can be used for team development.

But also for other developmental purposes in line with the conference's theme.

with our friends

In addition to our own activities, we collaborate with several different activity organizers. Here are presented some of these, including their websites.

activities at gården

Gården has equipment and materials for a number of activities. The beautiful nature and the golf course attract outdoor activities. There are also many indoor activities here, most of which are free of charge.

About 20 activities are presented here.

at gården

At Gården there are several activities both indoors and outdoors and in collaboration with Romeleåsen's golf club. Among other things, Footgolf and Discgolf.